How to Network

Networking is about making connections. It happens in many ways in a variety of different circumstances. The Burlington Chamber of Commerce hosts two free “How to Network” seminars each year but to get you started, here are: 


1. Wear your name tag on the right-hand side.
That way it’s in people’s line of sight when they shake your hand.

2. Say “Nice to see you” not “Nice to meet you.”
This eliminates the error of having met someone before and not remembering.

3. Repeat someone’s name after they say it.
This will help you remember their name.

3-a. Combine 2 & 3
Say “Good to see you, Bill”

4. Don’t interrupt a group of two.

Two people might be doing a business deal. Look for a group of three or more.

5. Not sure what to talk about? Ask people questions about themselves.

  • People usually love to talk about themselves.
  • Asking questions is a lot easier then talking about yourself.

6. Make sure you have your elevator speech prepared.

7. Avoid looking over the other person’s shoulder for “the next person” to come along.

8. Network often.
Don’t go to one networking event and expect to close a bunch of deals.

9. When in doubt, go to the bar.
Everybody loves to chat when they’re in line at the bar