What is the Burlington Chamber of Commerce?

Most communities in Canada have a Chamber of Commerce and those businesses that belong take great pride in their membership. This pride comes from being part of an organization that plays a key role in the community.

The role of the Chamber is defined as “a voluntary organization established to promote civic, commercial, industrial and agricultural progress of the community which it serves and to work for sound legislation and efficient administration within the municipality and all levels of the government”. In simpler terms, the Chamber exists to aid local business growth by providing information and connecting professionals with resources that are needed.

Chambers provide an avenue for the business people in a community to create a positive business environment and provide a vehicle to promote their region to the outside world. The chamber also provides an opportunity for those people who create local jobs and drive their local economy to work with the governments and the public to build a better community.

The chamber works closely with municipal and regional governments. The Burlington Chamber of Commerce works with Ontario Chamber to lobby the Provincial government on issues of mutual concern to all Chambers and the Canadian Chamber serves as a similar role at the national level. The Chamber is the voice of business.

Why should I join the Chamber?

Chambers of commerce play a key role in the development of local businesses. Through the benefit programs, networking opportunities, professional development and business resources offered, chambers of commerce are important vehicles for business people to grow and promote their business.

Membership also allows you to grow your business by opening doors to new opportunities with other business owners, by providing you with benefit programs that can improve your business’s bottom line and by offering you professional development activities.

Membership in your local chamber of commerce also gives your business credibility. Research has also shown that being active in your local chamber of commerce is an effective strategy for businesses to use in communicating that they use good business practices, are active in the community, care about customers and are reputable.

Now, more than ever, building substantive relationships is crucial to sustaining and growing your business. The Chamber provides opportunities on a daily basis for you to meet new contacts, whether it is at a business breakfast or a professional development event. There are plenty of opportunities that will fit your schedule.

Is there a fee for Chamber Membership, and is it taxable?

Membership dues correlate with the size of your company, based on full-time employees. Click here to view our membership rates. Chamber dues are deductible for federal income tax purposes as a business expense. The Chamber must collect and remit HST on sales. You may be eligible for tax input credits.

What are the overall benefits of joining the Chamber?

Membership gives you an opportunity to:

• Build contacts
• Affect government policy
• Share public opinion
• Monitor trends and new ideas
• Promote business development
• Represent your interests
• Secure the future

Tangible benefits include:

• Group Insurance Plans
• Preferred Merchant Rates for Visa & MasterCard
• Business/Employee Gas Card Savings

You also have access to:

• Free networking events
• Education seminars
• Discounted prices on ticketed events
• Sponsorship & advertising opportunities to promote your business
• Member to Member Discounts

Who are the members of the Chamber?

Our members range from single-person shops to corporations with over 1,000 employees. We have members who have just started their business and members who have been in business for decades. They include health services, community organizations, transportation, retail, dining, manufacturers, accommodations, and many more. If you’re looking for advice on how to grow your business or transition it to the next generation in your family, the Chamber has members who will be there to support you.

Is the Chamber just for large business?

Absolutely not. Small businesses make up more than 75% of our membership! The Chamber of commerce represents all sizes of companies in all sectors.

Does my business have to be located in Burlington to become a member?

No, your business does not need to be located in Burlington. We do however encourage supporting your own local Chamber of Commerce first. And, you should consider joining the Chamber of Commerce in every community where you want to grow your business.

Why should I join the Chamber if I'm unable to attend events?

Our events are only a small part of what we do. Even if you cannot attend our events, there are still plenty of programs and benefits you can take advantage of. Click here to learn more. Just by being a member, you are supporting an organization that represents your interests in the community. Your most important participation is simply signing on as a member. Remember, The Chamber of Commerce is YOUR advocate at all levels of government — we help change legislation to make it more business-friendly.

Can my employees take advantage of Chamber benefits too?

Yes! As an added value, all of your employees are considered Chamber members and can take full advantage of our programs and services.

How can I find out if a business is a Chamber member?
How can I get more involved in Chamber activities, and gain exposure through the Chamber?

There are many great ways to get exposure from the Chamber.
Get active! The Chamber is about meeting new people and building relationships for you and your business. Make a goal to attend one event a month.
Sponsor an event or a member program, and expose your brand to hundreds of new eyes.

• Promote your brand through our online member directory and offer a special discount to our members and the community.
• Join a committee. Write policy. Help create a seminar.
• Participate in board elections. Please inquire for more information info@burlingtonchamber.com.

How can I update my company listing or add representatives?

You can update your company’s information by accessing the member’s area on our website. If you have forgotten your login credentials, please contact megg@burlingtonchamber.com.