COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

For many, the pressure and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is taking a serious toll. Please see the materials below that will help businesses, employers, and employees manage their anxiety during this time.

Ontario Chamber of Commerce: Mental Wellness in the Workplace: A Playbook for Employers

With support from Sun Life, the Burlington Chamber of Commerce and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce released resources to help them close the gap: Mental Wellness in the Workplace: A Playbook for Employers and A Playbook for SMEs. These resources provide employers of varying sizes with strategies and supports to help bridge the gap – from fostering a health-focused culture to effectively communicating with employees to encouraging staff to access free government resources.

Read the Playbook for SMEs.

Read the Mental Wellness in the Workplace: A Playbook for Employers

Wellness Together Canada: Mental Health and Substance Use Support

Wellness Together Canada was created in response to an unprecedented rise in mental health and substance use concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with funding from the Government of Canada. Canadians are being challenged in a number of ways because of isolation, financial and employment uncertainty and disruptions to daily life. Wellness Together Canada provides tools and resources to help get Canadians back on track. These include modules for addressing low mood, worry, substance use, social isolation and relationship issues.

United Way Halton & Hamilton Phoneline

Do you know someone struggling? Call 211.

Powered in partnership with United Way, 211 is a helpline available by phone, chat or online search that helps Ontario residents navigate the complex network of government, health, community, and social service programs. It is a service offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with interpretation in over 150 languages.

Website: https://211ontario.ca/

Burlington Chamber: Working Towards a Mentally Healthy Workplace Toolkit for Employers, Employees and Individuals

The Burlington Chamber of Commerce along with their Health & Wellness Committee have created the Mental Health Toolkit to equip our members and the broader business community with insights, tools and resources that employers can use to assess their business and build a mentally healthy workplace for their employees.

Additional Resources