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February 2010


Will your company benefit in any way from the Winter Olympics?

Yes 11.8%
No 88.2%



January 2010


Does Stephen Harper shutting down parliament until March make sense?

Yes 13.0%
No 87.0%
Don't Know 0.0%







December 2009


Will you be using all your vacation allotment in 2009?

Yes 33.3%
No 61.9%
Don't Know 4.8%



November 2009


Do you plan to get an H1N1 vaccine?

Yes 45.4%
No 52.3%
Don't Know 2.3%




October 2009


Does your personal business experience tell you the recession is over?


Yes 7.7%
No 76.9%
Don't Know 15.4%



September 2009


If there is a federal election this fall, the most important outcome would be a majority government.


Yes 57.6%
No 30.8%
Don't Know 11.6%



August 2009


Is it time to turn off the economic stimulus tap?


Yes 33.3%
No 66.7%



July 2009


Are you scaling back your vacation plans this year?


Yes 47.6%
No 47.6%
Don't Know 4.8%



June 2009


Are you confident we will pull out of the recession by the new year?


Very 50%
Somewhat 17%
Not at all 33%



May 2009 


Are you concerned about the swine flu pandemic?

A Lot 5.6%
Somewhat 22.2%
Not At All 72.2%


April 2009 


Do you use any social media (Twitter, Facebook)? 

Yes 73.3%
No 23.3%
What's Twitter? 3.4%


March 2009


Did you put the maximum investment in your RRSP this year?

Yes 54.2%
No 45.8%


February 2009


Does the 2009 federal budget do a good job of addressing the economic crisis? 

Yes 41.7%
No 33.3%
Don't Know 25.0%


January 2009


Do you support the recently announced auto sector bailout?

Yes 43.8%
No 56.2%
Don't Know 0.0%






December 2008


Is the federal government doing a good job of managing the current economic crisis?

Yes 28.6%
No 71.4%
Don't Know 0.0%


November 2008


How much stress are you feeling at work these days?

Huge 55.6%
Some 29.6%
Minimal 11.1%
None 3.7%


October 2008


How much impact will the current U.S. financial crisis have on your business?


Huge 23.1%
Some 61.5%
Minimal 7.7%
None 7.7%


September 2008


What should the city's top spending priority be for the recently announced $7.3 million funding from the province?

Performing Arts Centre 16.3%
McMaster University 16.3%
Hospital Expansion 40.8%
Roads 22.5%
Joseph Brant Museum 0.0%
Other 4.1%



August 2008


How do you feel about the recent increase in downtown parking rates to $1.50 per hour?

Too High 74.4%
Reasonable 23.1%
Not High Enough 2.5%



July 2008


How much will you be reducing your summer travel plans due to the high cost of gasoline?

A Lot  47.0%
Somewhat 23.5%
Not at all 29.5%



June 2008


How much impact will the economic "doom and gloom" forecasts have on your business?

Huge  13.3%
Somewhat 60.0%
Not at all 26.7%



May 2008


Does your company adjust its work hours for the summer months? 

Yes 46.1%
No 50.0%
Don't Know 3.9%


See the results for a similar Quick Poll in May 2007.



April 2008


Compared to today, how do you think the Canadian economy will be performing six months from now.

Much Better 0.0%
Better 36.4%
The Same 18.2%
Worse 45.4%
Much Worse 0.0%



March 2008


Should the federal government regulate the price of gasoline at the pump? 

Yes 65.9%
No 26.8%
Don't Know 7.3%


February 2008


Are you concerned about the impact the city capital budget will have on your taxes? 

Yes 80.0%
No 13.3%
Don't Know 6.7%


January 2008


Have your clients ever asked if your company is ISO certified?

Yes 36.8%
No 63.2%
Don't Know 0.0%




December 2007


Are you doing more cross-border shopping now that the Canadian dollar is par with the US dollar?

Yes 19.1%
No 80.9%
Don't Know 0.0%


November 2007


What impact will the newly announced Family Day have on your business?

Positive 36.7%
Negative 24.5%
No Impact 22.4%
Don't Know 16.3%


October 2007


Do the benefits of using email as a business tool outweigh the problems of dealing with spam?

Yes 91.3%
No 8.7%