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2017 Key Accomplishments
Strategic Plan 2018 - 2020


To help our members get a better understanding of how local candidates feel about issues that are important to businesses, the Chamber’s Political Action Committee and Health Advocacy Committee asked all of the provincial candidates in the Burlington and Oakville-North Burlington ridings a series of questions. 

All answers are presented as submitted (unedited).  Candidates were told answers should be a maximum of 85 words; answers longer than 85 words have been truncated. 

Burlington Riding Candidate Answers

Oakville-North Burlington Riding Candidate Answers


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New Accessability Requirements (December 2014)
College of Skilled Trades Report
  (November 2013)
The Rules Around Waste Diversion Are Changing (June 17, 2013)

EI Premium Rates Increasing (January 10, 2013)
College of Trades:  New Fee Structure and Projected Costs & WSIB Bill 119 Update (December 12, 2012)
Metrolinx Investment Strategy. What Business Needs to Know.  (May 28, 2013)



Workplace Mental Health Strategy (OCC Resolution - 2018)

Addressing the Niagara to GTA Transportation Corridor (OCC Resolution - 2017)

Improving the Process for Establishing Regulations that Impact Business (OCC Resolution - 2016)

Workplace Mental Health Resolution (OCC Resolution - 2015)

Fair Tax Process for Small Business  (CCC Resolution - February 2015)

Climate Change Resolution (CCC Resolution - 2014)

Workplace Mental Health Strategy Resolution (OCC Resolution - 2014)

Addressing the Niagara to GTA Transportation Corridor (OCC Resolution - January 2014)

Improving the Process for Establishing Regulations that Impact Business (OCC Resolution - 2013)

Fair Tax Process for Small Business  (CCC Resolution - February 2012)

Corporate Mental Health  (OCC Resolution - January 2011)

Niagara to GTA Corridor  (OCC Resolution - January 2011)

Improving Regulations that Impact Businesses  (OCC Resolution - May 2010)

City Infrastructure Budget Policy (Chamber Policy April 2009)

Burlington Performing Arts Centre  (Chamber Policy - March 2008)

Development Charges  (Joint Chamber Policy - February 2008

Interest Deducibility Uncertainty  (CCC Resolution - Sept 2007)

Security of Electricity Supply  (OCC Resolution - May 2007)

New Highway Construction  (OCC Resolution - February 2007)

Health Care Funding  (OCC Resolution - May 2006)

Doctor Shortage   (OCC Resolution - April 2005)

Development Charges   (Chamber Policy - May 2004)

Waterdown Road Interchange   (Chamber Policy - July 2003)

Greater Toronto Area Transportation Authority   (Chamber Policy - July 2003)

Mid-Peninsula Transportation Corridor   (Chamber Policy - June 2003)

ORPP Letter on Key Concerns to Provincial Government (OCC & Burlington Chamber, September 2015)
Read Minister Hunter's Reply

Sale of Hydro One Letter to Provincial Government (OCC & Burlington Chamber, August 2015)

OCC Report - Electricity - Empowering Ontario - Constraining Costs and Staying Competitive in the Electricity Market
A Federal Agenda for Ontario (OCC December 2012)
Ontario Chamber of Commerce Resolutions
Canadian Chamber of Commerce Resolutions

Intensification Letter - Letter to Mayor Rick Goldring (March 2018)

Proposed Tax Changes - Letter to Ms. Karina Gould (September 2017)

Tax on Health Benefits - Letter to Ms. Karina Gould (January 2017)

Ontario Climate Change Plan - Letter to Premier Wynne (May 2016)

Interest Arbitration - Letter to Minister of Labour (February 2014)

- Letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne (December 2013)

Minimum Wage - Letter to Minimum Wage Advisory Panel (November 2013)

Burlington Transit & the Employment Corridor – Email to City Councillors (February 2013)

Corporate Income Tax Rate - Letter to MPs McKenna and Chudleigh (February 2012)

City Tax Increase - Letter to Mayor Goldring (January 2012)

City Strategic Planning Priorities- Letter to Council & Senior Staff (April 2011)

City Surplus & JBMH Redevelopment - Letter to B&CS Committee (March 2011)

City Infrastructure Budget Policy - Letter to Council and Senior Staff (March 2011)

City Budget Increase - Letter to B&CS Committee (March 2011)

Continue with Planned Tax Cuts - Letter to Mike Wallace MP & Lisa Raitt MP (February 2011)

Support Copyright Protection Bill - Letter to Mike Wallace MP & Lisa Raitt MP (December 2010)

Census Mandatory Long Form - Letter to PM Stephen Harper (July 2010)

Support Copyright Protection Bill -  Letter to Mike Wallace MP & Lisa Raitt MP (June 2010)

JBMH Expansion Funding - Written Delegation to Budget Committee Funding  (March 2010)

JBMH Expansion - Delegation to Budget Committee (December 2009)

Get Politicians Back to Business - Letter to Mike Wallace MP  (December 2008)

Delegation to Council - McMaster Campus  (October 2008)

Bill C-415 - Letters to Mike Wallace MP and Garth Turner MP  (Oct 2007)

Bill C-415 - Letter to Stéphane Dion  (May 2007)

Burlington Strategic Plan - Presentation to Strategic Planning Team  (May 2007)

Bill C-257 - Letter to Mike Wallace, MP  (January 2007)

Pre-Budget Consultation - Letter to Department of Finance  (April 2006)

Family Health Unit - Letter of Support  (February 2006)

WSIB Increases - Letter to Cam Jackson, MPP  (July 2005)

Halton District School Board Governance - Letter to HDSB Chair  (May 2005)

New Highway Construction - Letter to Minister of Transportation  (May 2005)



Member surveys are designed to determine and share members' views on a variety of business, economic, community and government issues.

2016 - 2017 Holiday Closings (November 2016)

2013 - 2014 Holiday Closings (November 2013)

The Economy in 2013 & Burlington's Economic Development (December 2012)

2012 - 2013 Holiday Closings (November 2012)

2011 Provincial Election  (August 2011)

2010 Municipal Election Issues  (August 2010)

JBMH Expansion Funding  (March 2010)

The Economy in 2010  (December 2009)

2009 Holiday Closings  (November 2009)

Canada Day 2009 (May 2009)

The Economy in 2009  (December 2008) Results by:  Size  Sector

2008 Holiday Closings  (November 2008)

2008 Federal Election  (September 2008)

Canada Day 2008  (May 2008)

Burlington's Performing Arts Centre  (March 2008)

Mileage Reimbursement Rates  (March 2008)

Dealing with Family Day  (January 2008)

The Economy in 2008  (December 2007)

2007 Holiday Closings  (November 2007)

2007 Provincial Election  (August 2007)

The Economy in 2007  (January 2007)

2006 Holiday Closings  (November 2006)

The Economy in 2006   (January 2006)

2005 Holiday Closing Hours Survey  (November 2005

Mileage Reimbursement Rates   (May 2005)

New Highway Construction   (April 2005)

Transportation In and Around Burlington   (January 2005)

The Economy in 2005   (December 2004)

ICI Waste Collection Survey   (November 2004)

2004 - 2005 Holiday Closing Hours Survey   (November 2004)



Government's Current Priority  (March 2010)

Benefits of Olympics  (February 2010)

Shutting Down Parliament  (January 2010)

Vacation Allotment  (December 2009)

H1N1 Flu Vaccine  (November 2009)

Recession Over  (October 2009)

Federal Election Priority  (September 2009)

Stop Economic Stimulus  (August 2009)

Vacation Plans  (July 2009)

Recession Ending  (June 2009)

Swine Flu Concerns  (May 2009)

Social Media Use  (April 2009)

RRSP Contributions  (March 2009)

2009 Federal Budget  (February 2009)

Auto Sector Bailout  (January 2009)

Federal Government and Economic Crisis  (December 2008)

Stress at Work  (November 2008)

Impact of U.S. Financial Crisis  (October 2008)

City Spending Priority for Provincial Funding  (September 2008)

Downtown Parking Rate Increase  (August 2008)

Gas Prices and Summer Travel  (July 2008)

Doom and Gloom Forecasts  (June 2008)

Summer Work Hours  (May 2008)

Economy in Six Months  (April 2008)

Regulate Gasoline Prices  (March 2008)

Burlington Capital Budget  (February 2008)

ISO Certification  (January 2008)

Cross Border Shopping  (December 2007)

Impact of Family Day  (November 2007)

Business Benefits of email  (October 2007)

Mixed Member Proportional Referendum   (September 2007)

Downtown Parking Spaces  (August 2007)

Summer Energy Saving Practices  (July 2007)

Impact of High Canadian Dollar  (June 2007)

Summer Work Hours  (May 2007)

Advertising Spending (April 2007)

Downtown McMaster Campus  (March 2007)

$10 Minimum Wage  (February 2007)

New Year Business Resolutions  (January 2007)

Flu Shot Plans  (December 2006)

Impact of New Mayor and Regional Chair  (November 2006)

Seasonal Business Trends  (October 2006)

Vote in Municipal Election  (September 2006)

Summer Dress Code  (August 2006)

Summer Students  (July 2006)

Hydro Blackouts  (June 2006)

Federal Budget Impact  (May 2006)

Impact of Passports at Border  (April 2006)

Pandemic Influenza Concerns  (March 2006)

Vacation Use  (February 2006)

Level of Government with Biggest Impact   (January 2006)

Federal Election Voting  (December 2005)

Concern About Waste Collection Costs  (November 2005)

Impact of Small Business on Burlington Economy  (October 2005)

High Gas Price Impacting Your Business  (September 2005)

Daylight Saving Time in U.S.  (August 2005)

Summer Hours of Operation   (July 2005)

Postpone Federal Election   (May 2005)

Hydro Rate Increase   (April 2005)

Federal Budget Impact  (March 2005)

Family Physicians   (February 2005)

South Asia Tsunami Impacts   (January 2005)