Personal Safety and Protection Equipment Directory 

As the economy starts to re-open and with new health and safety guidelines being put in place for businesses, employees and consumers, the Burlington Chamber of Commerce has developed a directory of businesses that produce and sell the following types of personal safety equipment, supplies and services, including safety masks and gloves, face shields, plexiglass screens or dividers, disinfectant services, and sanitizer (including non-medical grade options).

If you have a supply of any of the above-listed products or services, please contact info@burlingtonchamber.com to be added to the list.

Allegra Halton, Back to Business – Directional Signage, Window, Wall & Floor Graphics, Protective Barriers, and More

Allegra Halton is a professional marketing company offering print services. They have launched their Back to Business website to assist businesses in their successful reopening.

For more information and to order online, please visit backtobusiness.allegrahalton.com

Barbarian Medical – Premium Reusable Face Masks and Gowns 

The only REUSABLE Face Mask in Canada with a medical test rating of 90% BFE. The masks are three-ply (as recommended by Canada’s chief public health officer), washable, and customizable with your branding (or choose in-stock designs). Competitive pricing.

Just a few customers: Subway, Hudson’s Bay, Cities of Kitchener and Waterloo, Local Union for All Workers, London Transit, Home Hardware…

View samples and more: https://custom3plyfacemasks.com/

Get your quantity order discount pricing sheet, or request a free sample (for those considering bulk orders) by emailing: tricia@barbarianmedical.com

Beatties Business Products – Face Shields and Masks, Gloves, Hand Sanitizer, Floor Decals, Digital Thermometers & More 

Beatties Business Products is an office furniture and solutions store that has supply of a variety of products to meet businesses’ and consumer’s needs during COVID-19. Their products include face shields and masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, tabletop shields, debit machine poly covers, digital thermometers, gowns and more.

Order online at shop.beatties.com

Black Robot – Physical Distancing Signage, Window & Floor Decals, & More  

Black Robot, the sibling company of  Yellow Robot Marketing is offering custom small-batch printing. Temporary and permanent signage available. Custom apparel, marketing collateral and more.

Order online at blackrobot.ca

Branded Burlington – Floor Decals 

Branded Burlington is a custom apparel and print shop now offering floor decals to help customers and staff maintain a safe distance from one another.

Please contact info@brandedburlington.com for more information.

CDP – Mapsync – Social Distancing Room Design

CDP – MapSync is utilizing GeoSLAM Zeb-Revo mobile scanners to quickly map inside spaces and furniture and then using CAD to design an affordable social distancing plan meeting COVID-19 guidelines. If you are interested, please call 859-264-7500 and ask for Lewis.

For more information, please visit www.mapsync.com

CGA – Face Shields

CGA Iron Works is a small railings company located in Aldershot, Burlington, ON. In light of COVID-19, they are devoting 100% of their time towards making protective face shields that are comfortable to wear and enclosed on the sides.

Order online at cgafaceshields.com

Citron Hygiene – Sanitation Services, Hand Sanitizer, PPE Disposal Service

Citron Hygiene provides solutions that encompass restroom hygiene, ware washing, and chemical, pest control and life safety products and services to ensure building owners and managers can address their facility’s needs. In addition to their sanitation and PPE disposal services, they also have a supply of hand sanitizer.

Learn more at www.citronhygiene.com

CloudOak – Covid Safety Screening

CloudOak is an award-winning business continuity planning and business process automation solutions provider and one of Canada’s fastest-growing and most trusted cloud providers delivering 100% North American data-driven solutions. Its flagship product, Plan4Continuity, is a dynamic, intelligent cloud-based business continuity planning solution that can create, simulate, and activate business continuity and business process automation plans with the push of a button. It makes planning for natural disasters, pandemics as well as active shooter events and ransomware attacks as easy as filling out your processes and allocating the appropriate team members. The system can also be used for critical functions such as daily Covid safety screening for all staff and visitors, and well as communicating the appropriate info to staff when it is time to return to the office.

Learn more about Plan4Continuity at https://www.cloudoakchannel.com/business-continuity-planning/

Creative Chemistry Solutions Inc. – Hand Sanitizer

During the early stages of the pandemic, Creative Chemistry Solutions converted their production line to Hand Sanitizer production. Their Hand SANZ 365 is hospital-grade sanitizer and Health Canada registered as both Gel & Spray versions, formulated with only Food Grade (FCC) ethanol. Technical or Industrial Grade alcohol-free = No Tequila Smell & Safer.

To place an order, please contact brettg21@creativechemistry.ca or (905) 921-2835.

Crescent Oil – Face Masks & Sheilds, Hand Sanitizers, Disinfectant Cleaner 

Crescent Oil is a wholesaler and retailer of many brands of lubricants and equipment. They are now offering hand sanitizer, KN95 masks, surgical masks, face shields and disinfectant cleaner.

Order online at crescentoil.ca

Custom Mobility – Hand Sanitizer

Custom Mobility is a medical equipment supplier who is now offering hand sanitizer to meet the demand of consumers during COVID-19. Please click here for more information on how to purchase.

Eco Guardian – Masks, Gowns, Infrared Thermometer

Eco Guardian is committed to protecting the environment by offering products that are organic or eco-friendly in nature. They have adapted their operations to support the community through sourcing, importing and distributing personal protective items required to safely combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Order online at www.ecoguardian.com/ppe

Ecolab – Disinfectant Sanitizer and Services

Ecolab is supporting frontline workers and businesses with cleaning and disinfecting solutions to maintain good hand hygiene and clean surfaces, tools and equipment so they can keep patients and consumers healthy, produce and prepare food safely and keep critical infrastructure running smoothly.

Learn more at www.ecolab.com

ENJ Digital Solutions – Hand Sanitizer Dispensers and Touchless Temperature Scanning

ENJ Digital Solutions’ mission is to provide intelligent hygiene solutions. In the wake of coronavirus, hygiene is the next frontier in the workplace and customer experience.

The SaniSign that they call “PETE,” is an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with an integrated high definition panel to display advertisements, critical messaging, or multimedia. In the wake of coronavirus, hygiene is the next frontier in the workplace and customer experience. The best and only way to buy their products is through our new website set up with the Digital Main Street program’s assistance.

All of the information is listed on our website www.enjdigitalsolutions.com. They are offering a 10% discount including free delivery and set up for Chamber members. Use code CB10 at check-out discount will then be applied to final cart value pre-tax.

Eventscape – Social Distancing Barriers (Standing & Sitting), Teller Screens, Workstation Panel Height Extenders, & Custom Requests

Eventscape is a premiere fabricator of architectural features and custom elements that pivoted, retooled, at the pandemic outset and are offering personal protective equipment (PPE) to front line heroes and businesses.

Order online at eventscapehelps.com

Fast Signs Burlington – Safety Shields, Screen and Signage

Fast Signs Burlington has created special temporary signage options in addition to the more permanent safety and directional signage. Their offerings include germ prevention and hand washing signs, safety and directional signs, and new signs related to curbside pick up, social distancing, germ prevention and more.

Order online at fastsigns.com/656

Fast Stitch – Face Masks 

Fast Stitch is a professional alteration and tailoring service that are now making and selling kids and adult face masks.

To order, please visit maskcanada.square.site

Frid and Russel – Protective Barriers

Frid and Russel has a supply of protective barriers to keep employees and customers safe and to help prevent the spread of viruses like COVID-19. Designed to integrate into reception, open-plan offices and point of sale areas.

Order online at fridandrussel.com

Fully Promoted Burlington – Face Masks & Shields, Hand Sanitizers

Fully Promoted Burlington has adapted their business operations to supply a variety of medical and non-medical grade products to protect and supply consumers with the products they need to stay safe.

Order online at burlington.fullypromoted.ca

Gerrie Electric – Signage, Human Temperature Measurement Thermal Solution, Handheld Thermometer, Handheld Sanitizing Fogger, Face Shields, Sanitizer and Gloves 

Gerrie Electric is an industry-leading Canadian electrical distribution company, that is now offering a variety of products in-line with sector-specific guidelines for businesses reopening in Ontario. They also have supply of consumer-grade products to keep employers, employees and the public, protected and safe.

Information on the Human Body Temperature Measurement Solution.

For all other products, please visit gerrie.com

Please note that the handheld thermometer device, face shields, sanitizer and gloves for sale through the web are currently for sale only via phone orders 1-800-335-6621.

Glacier Digital – COVID Screener (Branded Contact Tracing App)

COVID Screener is a turn-key e-commerce Software as a Service product that seeks to assist in the safe restart of businesses and services in accordance with Reopening Ontario Act, 2020. It allows businesses to launch their own private contact-tracing app, branded to their business – in minutes – and begin to automate contact-tracing in compliance with this legislation.

Sample Screener: 2020webawards.covidscreener.ca/

For more information, please contact businessdev@covidscreener.ca

Guillevin International Burlington – Non-Surgical Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer

Guillevin International ranks among Canada’s largest distributors of electrical material. It is also a major distributor of safety products and equipment as well as industrial supplies. They have stock of over 1000 boxes (50 pcs) of three-ply non-surgical masks and hand sanitizer available for consumers and businesses. Purchase in-store, by phone 289-288-4313 or by emailing burlingtonsales@guillevin.com. Most orders will be set for pick up (curbside) with delivery options for large orders.

Please visit www.guillevin.com to learn more.

Hunter Amenities – Antiseptic Hand Sanitizing Products

For over thirty-five years, Hunter Amenities has pioneered a remarkable array of superior personal care products growing into one of the world’s largest manufacturer of Guest Amenities. Ranging from distinctive hotel amenities to luxurious spa and retail collections, we are one of the world’s leading formulators and manufacturers. Hunter Amenities is supporting frontline workers and businesses with a range of hand sanitizers, hand wash, sanitizer dispensers, and personal protective equipment kits. The sanitizers are approved by Health Canada and the US FDA. Contact them at info@hunteramenities.com.

Learn more at www.hunteramenities.com

Jimmy Tees – Face Masks

Jimmy Tees has a supply of face masks for consumers and workers to meet the needs of new health and safety guidelines.

Order online at jimmyteespromo.com

Joseph Tassoni – Face Masks and Gloves

Fashion Designer, Joseph Tassoni is proud to produce personal reusable face and hand coverings made in Burlington to protect consumers and to keep our workers working.

Order online at josephtassoni.com

Joseph is also working directly with businesses to satisfy non-medical PPE needs with reusable face and hand coverings and items. For corporate purchasing, please click here to fill out your business information and contact details to get in touch with Joseph.

JVL Enterprise Inc. – Facial Masks, Nitrile and Vinyl Medical examination gloves, Caps, Gowns, Shoe Covers, and Sanitizing Wipes, and more

JVL Enterprise Inc sells a wide variety of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including, but not limited to, 3M N95 facial masks, 3 ply face masks, Nitrile and vinyl medical examination gloves, caps, gowns, shoe covers, and sanitizing wipes.

JVL Enterprise accepts orders by email or phone, and quotes can be requested through the website directly at www.jvl-enterprise.com. Please contact sales@jvl-enterprise.com, 905-319-2294 for inquiries.

KD Sign Systems – Window, Wall & Floor Graphics and Directional Signage

KD Sign Systems is a full-service sign shop offering the design, production and installation of custom residential and commercial signs, banners, vehicle graphics and more. During COVID-19, they are offering plexiglass barriers, wall, floor and window graphics as well as directional signage for businesses, employees and consumers.

To order online please visit www.kdsignsystems.com or contact 905-631-9988

Longevity Wellness & Personal Protective Equipment – KN95 masks, 3-Ply Disposable Masks, Infrared Thermometers, Hand Sanitizer, Nitrile Gloves and Face Shields

Longevity Wellness & Personal Protective Equipment is here to help you and your business reopen. They are the exclusive distributor of the Solo mask. Individually packaged for your convenience and safety. Grab a Solo, Take a Solo, Give a Solo. Packaged in Burlington with your business card or postcard advertisement. Perfect to hand out to customers or keep handy in your car or bag. They also have a number of PPE items in-stock to help companies open back up safely: KN95 masks, 3-ply disposable masks, infrared thermometers, hand sanitizer, nitrile gloves and face shields.

Visit Nancy and Fareen at their 1500 Upper Middle Road location (next to Little Caesars) or please call 905-332-2121 or order online at www.longevitywellnessandppe.com

Mabel’s Labels – Face Shields & Masks, Floor & Wall Decals, Writable Stickers

Mabel’s Labels is the best-known brand of durable labels for families, and a growing line of products features baby bottle labels, allergy and medical alert products, sports labels, household labels and seasonal items. In light of COVID-19, they are now offering a variety of products for businesses and consumers.

View their product catalogue to order.

Mark’s Commercial –  Sanitizers, Disinfectant Sprays and Wipes & Masks

Mark’s Commercial has added new items to their PPE assortment to help businesses access the products they need, to stay safe. Their offerings include sanitizers, disinfectant sprays and wipes, and masks that are in-stock now.

Order online at www.markscommercial.com/en-ca/orderppe

MarShield – Protective Shielded Barriers

With over 40 years of expertise, MarShield continues to lead the field in manufacturing, custom design, and innovation of lead shielding solutions. They are offering both safety protective shields and industrial shielded barriers.

Order online at marshield.com

Medofsupply – Non-Medical, Level 1 and KN95 Face Masks, Sanitizers and Non-Contact Thermometers

Medofsupply specializes in the distribution of affordable high-quality medical supplies, including Covid-19 PPE. They are offering non-medical, level 1 and KN95 face masks, gowns, non-contact thermometers and sanitizers. Medofsupply is fully licensed and all products are authorized by Health Canada. Medofsupply offers guaranteed lowest prices and free shipping in GTA. Volume discounts are available. Medofsupply price matches any market price plus 10%.

To order please call 905-597-0455 or send email sales@medofsupply.com

Mirella’s Ladies Boutique – Face Masks

Mirella’s Ladies Boutique, located in downtown Burlington is selling face masks. Available for purchase in-store or online.

Please visit mirellas.ca for more information

MSH Medical – Hand Sanitizer, Disposable Face Mask, Protective Face Shields, Disposable and Reusable Protective Gowns

MSH Medical’s goal is to be the one-stop-shop for your medical supply needs. They want to give their customers: a great selection, competitive pricing, and award-winning service. Please click here to review their PPE products.

To make a purchase, please visit MSH Medical.

For wholesale pricing or bulk orders, please call or email their office at 1-833-280-2682 OR info@mshmedical.ca

Online Mask Shop – KN95 Respirators and 3-Ply Surgical Masks

Online Mask Shop sells disposable face masks (KN95 respirators and 3-ply surgical) and can ship daily from their warehouse in Mississauga to local businesses and consumers for next business day delivery.

Order online at OnlineMaskShop.ca.

Path Medical Care Inc. – Face Masks, Infrared Thermometer, Hand Sanitizing Dispensing Unit, & More

Path Medical Care Inc. is dedicated to supplying Canadian labs with the best quality solutions available in anatomical pathology and general lab supplies. They have a wide range of PPE products, including isolation gowns, face masks, shields, gloves, lab coats and other products needed in response to the pandemic such as infrared thermometers, swab kits, hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer dispensers.

Order online at www.pathcare.ca

Paul’s Restoration – Precautionary Cleaning, Confirmed/Suspected COVID-19 Cleaning

Paul’s Restorations is an industry leader in home restorations throughout Ontario. Providing professional and quality services to the insurance industry for 35 years. They are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification Organization and use Hospital Grade Disinfectants/Virucidal/Antimicrobial products that are Botanical based. They offer sanitization services to assist businesses that have a confirmed/suspected COVID-19 case or precautionary cleaning.

To request a service, please visit www.paulsrestorations.com

Pat’s Party Rentals – Tents, Directional Equipment, Physical Distancing Barriers

Pat’s Party Rentals offer event rental equipment from dance floor to tent tops. In light of COVID-19, they are now offering short and long term rental options that can be used for physical distancing. Whether you are just re-opening or adjusting to health and safety guidelines, tents, pipe & curtain barriers, and stanchions & red ropes to direct traffic could be of great benefit to the protection of consumers.

Order online at patspartyrentals.net

Pharamasave Plains Road West, Burlington – Masks, Face Shields, Antiseptic Wipes, Hand Sanitizer & More

Pharmsave at 29 Plains Road West, located in Burlington, Ontario, has supply of medical masks, face shields, antiseptic wipes, hand sanitizer, medical exam gloves, and infrared thermometers.

Find directions to their pharmacy.

Contact 905-634-7007

PPE Creative Solutions – Hand Sanitizer Dispensers, Touchless Temperature Scanning, Face Shields, Transparency Mask, Surface Cleaners, Clean Safe Pump Dispensers

PPE Creative solutions’ mission is to provide creative solutions to provide comfortable, stylish facial PPE and hand sanitizers.  The best and only way to buy our products is through our new website set up with the Digital Main Street program’s assistance. Free delivery for Halton Region customers with products and shipping within one to two days.

Their products are washable and reusable, but they are not a replacement for an N95 medical-grade respirator mask. Nor does it replace other public recommended measures, such as practicing social distancing, frequent hand washing, and other guidelines to stop community spread of COVID-19

They are offering a special Chamber discount to members of 15% – use code CB15 at check out for the discount to be applied and calculated.

Please visit www.ppecreativesolutions.com for more information on face shields, transparency masks, hand sanitizers, surface cleaners.

Proactive Safety Technologies – Temperature Scanning & Occupancy Management Technologies

Proactive Safety Technologies offers a range of business and commercial-grade temperature scanning and occupancy management technologies. This Health Canada Approved technology is available monthly through their customizable lease program for under $10.00 per day. Their financing is easy to access and will allow organizations to re-open while providing an additional level of safety for their employees and customers.

For further details on their offering please visit www.proactivesafetytechnologies.com

Health Canada approved – proactivesafetytechnologies.com/wp-content/uploads/Medical-Device-Covid-April-12.pdf

Contact sales@proactivesafetytech.com and 289 277 4600

Proforma Battlefield Advertising

Battlefield Advertising, powered by PROforma (Hamilton) has a number of PPE items in-stock to help companies open back up safely: KN95 masks, 3-ply disposable masks, reusable masks, IR thermometers, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, acrylic barriers, nitrile gloves, face shields and social distancing floor graphics.

To order, please call 905-662-1199 x 221.

Rizzo Assets Holding Inc. – Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer

Rizzo Assets Holding Inc. is a local family business based out of Brantford. Their company has shifted our clothing production to personal protective equipment (PPE) with the aim to provide other local businesses with the proper personal protective equipment across multiple industries during these uncertain times.

For more information on product offerings and how to order, please contact danielle@dnrizzo.com.

Rubicon Safety – Social Distance Barrier, Qualitative Respirator & N95 Mask Fit Testing

Rubicon Safety has a supply of a social distancing barrier with installation options for the short and long term. They are ideal for factories, warehouses, and workplaces. They are also offering Qualitative Respirator & N95 Mask Fit Testing and are listed as a provider of this service from the Ministry of Health & Longterm Care.

For more information on how to order social distance barriers, please click here.

To book a Fit Test, please visit rubiconsafety.ca/service/respirator-fit-testing

Safeworx Disinfecting Systems – Fogging Machines, Disinfecting Solution and Hand Sanitizer

SAFEWORX DISINFECTING SYSTEMS was established to meet the growing need to keep people safe in the world from deadly viruses and give people the peace of mind of returning to work, socializing and meeting in public places without the fear of viruses that have changed the way people think and feel.

Order online at safeworxproducts.ca/collections/all or contact orders@safeworx.ca.

ServiceMaster Restore of Burlington – Preventative Cleaning and Disinfectant Services 

ServiceMaster Restore of Burlington is a 24/7/365 disaster restoration contractor, for damages pertaining to water, fire, wind, biohazard/trauma, hoarding, mould/asbestos abatement, and cleaning. In these unprecedented times, they are committed to responding with effective and customizable solutions for businesses and consumers. ServiceMaster Clean serves Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, Milton, Guelph and Halton, provides a full range of cleaning and disinfection services that will help to keep your workplace healthy and productive.

For more information, please visit www.svmrestoreburlington.ca or contact claims@servicemasterofburlington.com

Spirit of York – Hand Sanitizer

Spirit Of York Distillery in Toronto has repurposed its facilities to produce Health Canada-approved hand sanitizer for those in need during COVID-19.

Place an order here spiritofyork.com

Stratus Building Solutions – Disinfectant Cleaning Services

Stratus is here to help your business as you navigate these new reopening coronavirus commercial cleaning and disinfecting expectations to help you get back to business, and stay healthy, safe and productive from reopening day and beyond.

Order online at stratusbuildingsolutions.com

Thames River Chemicals (TRC)

Thames River Chemicals (TRC) is your prime destination for agricultural and feed products, hydrocarbon, resins, and production chemistry. They now have supply of hand sanitizers available for purchase for consumers and individuals.

Order online at www.trc-corp.com

VIMI Corp – Face Masks & Shields, Floor Decals

VIMI Corp is located in Burlington and specializes in marketing tools and printed materials. In light of COVID-19, they are now offering face masks, face shields and floor decals to keep businesses and individuals protected.

Order online at www.vimi-ppe.com

Virdect – Virus Risk Detection

Virdect is a virus risk detection service through the analysis of wastewater.  They support organizations in the early detection of viruses, to enable companies to manage their viral risk through data and scientific knowledge.  They focus on long term care homes, condominiums, offices, factories and schools.

For more information, please contact daveo@virdect.com

Zoono – Sterilization, Disinfection and Surface Protection Services

Zoono is new to North America, but becoming widely adopted as the key frontline protection against pathogens. Zoono’s Microbe Shield is water based, non-toxic and contains no alcohol.  The shield has been independently tested and protects against viruses and bacteria for 30 days limiting deep clean costs to business owners while at the same time protecting customers and employees.

Please visit, www.zoonoservices.ca for more information and to book a sterilization service.

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