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Northland Wealth Management

Northland Wealth Management Recognized For Excellence

'MULTI-SERVICE ADVISOR OF THE YEAR' TORONTO, June 9, 2015 /CNW/ - Northland Wealth Management, a multi-family office and recognized leader in the Canadian wealth management industry, was crowned 'Multi-Service Advisor of the Year' at the 2015 WP Awards along with being a finalist in two additional categories. Northland Wealth Management was recognized for excellence at the Canadian Wealth Professional Awards attended by over 400 wealth professionals at a gala held in Toronto this past week. "It is a tremendous honour to receive this award. It is a tangible demonstration that our vision of providing families with an innovative open architecture investment platform, which provides access to institutional calibre traditional and alternative asset managers, combined with unbiased advice and highest-quality service, is being recognized," said Arthur Salzer, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Northland Wealth Management. The Multi-Service Advisor of the Year is an award for excellence recognizing the standout business of an advisor who has demonstrated commitment to clients by providing a full suite of services beyond traditional financial advisory. In addition to its award win, Northland Wealth Management was also a finalist in the categories of "New House on the Block" and "Outstanding Advisor Alternative Investments". About Wealth Professional ("WP") Wealth Professional is an online information resource for all Canadian advice and planning professionals. It focuses on providing the latest industry news, opinion and analysis, in print and multimedia formats. The site reaches more than 15,000 industry professionals each week. The WP Awards celebrate the very best in people strategy and represents the gold standard of excellence in the Wealth Management industry in Canada. About Northland Wealth Management Northland Wealth Management is a premier independent Canadian multi-family office and wealth advisory firm founded in 2011. Northland Wealth Management provides access to leading institutional quality traditional and alternative investment opportunities. The firm comprises a team of professionals with an average of 25 years' experience, who are dedicated to providing objective and comprehensive advice, with a focus on financial and estate planning, family governance, closely held business and succession issues.

Northland Wealth Management

Entrepreneurs enter the Pythons' Pit Monday at Burlington Performing Arts Centre

Burlington Post Python’s Pit, an opportunity for entrepreneurs and students in Halton to pitch their business concepts and product ideas before an audience and a panel of business moguls, will take place Monday, May 4 at 7 p.m. Five finalists from the open category and six finalists from the high school category will compete to win start up capital and cash prizes. In the open category, contestants will vie for a $20,000 cash prize and a range of in-kind professional services and mentoring, while in the high school category, contestants will vie for $5,000 and additional services. Now in its third year, Pythons’ Pit was developed by the Rotary Clubs of Halton and is supported by presenting sponsors RBC and MNP LLP, along with several groups and community partners. The Pythons are Rosanne Longo, chair of Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation; Arthur Salzer, CEO and CIO of Northland Wealth Management; Michele Bailey, president and CEO of Blazing Design; David Woolford, partner in the southwestern Ontario and Toronto offices of Miller Thompson and John Stix, co-founder of Fibernetics. The event, being held at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre, is free and open to everyone. Ideas being pitched in the open category are a line of men’s shaving products made with 100 per cent natural ingredients; aerodynamic components to the Logistics industry to help with fuel expenditures; unique fitness gear tailored to upper body performance; handmade and engineered Bluetooth speakers with unique lighting features and HR software to hire the right grad. A group of Nelson High School students is the lone Burlington contender in the high school category with its Coffee Run app.

Northland Wealth Management

One of WPs Top 50 advisors wins big award in New York

Wealth Professional by Will Ashworth | 16 Mar 2015 One of Canada’s top independent family offices took home the hardware last week winning a prestigious award at the 2015 Family Wealth Report Awards. Arthur Salzer emailed us the good news Friday afternoon but we thought we’d wait for the official notice which came first thing Monday morning. Northland Wealth Management won for “Best Canadian Wealth Manager” at the second-annual event. Up against BNY Mellon Wealth Management it was a true coup for the four-year old firm. "To be recognized as best-in-class for a Canadian wealth manager by this incredible panel of judges is a true honour,” says Salzer. “Winning this prestigious award not only sets Northland Wealth Management apart from its competitors, but also provides a tangible demonstration of what makes us exceptional: our ability to offer unbiased advice combined with an open architecture platform which provides the ability to provide clients with opportunities in difficult to access investments.” "This fantastic achievement by our team showcases Northland's world-class service and innovation; something the families we serve have known about for a long time." In recent weeks WPs expanded its coverage of the family office space; Salzer’s firm has been a big part of that. We look forward to learning more about this specialized area of wealth management. Congratulations to everyone at Northland for this recognition of excellence.

Rob Stonehewer

RSA MARKETING: The Evolution Continues...


Rob Stonehewer is pleased to announce that after nearly two decades, he has rebranded his marketing agency to RSA Marketing. While still providing our clients with the same results-driven, creative marketing services, RSA Marketing will now operate as a division of Rob Stonehewer & Associates Inc. This evolution will allow the company to pursue other business ventures under a clear, consistent and cohesive branding. Established in 1995, Rob Stonehewer & Associates Inc. has provided marketing services for American Express, AT&T, Castrol, Qualcomm, Sun Microsystems and TELUS, as well as many growing companies including Archmill House, Cogeco Cable, Canadian Auto Dealers Association, TESC Contracting and Thordon Bearings. RSA Marketing approaches 2015 with a reputation of excellence in delivering on-target strategy, creative direction, copy and production for a range of marketing services including brand identity, marketing communications, websites, promotions and performance improvement programs. For more information please contact Rob Stonehewer or visit www.rsamarketing.ca.

Satori Consulting Inc.

Looking to Grow Your Business? Focus on team building, leadership from within

By Paul Fitzgerald As many companies consider new strategies and employ pro-active and forward thinking responses to the demands of today’s recessionary times and its impact on the business world, the internal functions among employee rationales must change as well, according to Sandi Verrecchia, founder and owner of Satori Consulting Inc. in Burlington, ON. Verrecchia, who has many years of experience in leadership and coaching with an array of organizations (private, government, non-profit), has been keeping a close eye on how companies are changing their business models and approaches in these tougher and more challenging economic times. For her, as a professional, this is all important when it comes to growth and survival. However, while we should embrace change, the real core of success for any organization is promoting team building and leadership in the workplace – a vital component for growth and prosperity no matter the industry. After all, team building promotes leadership on many levels. “Employees are the most important asset to an organization,” says Verrecchia. “Just about every organization out there is experiencing challenging times and while new business methods employed will bring success, it’s the staff that make them happen. Team building in the workplace is just as vital, or maybe more so, in achieving growth and long-term sustainability. Team building is vital in cultivating leaders in the workplace and provides positive growth, both for the workplace environment and capital gain.” Without team building and a deliberate focus on employees, it could ultimately lead to the demise for any organization, big or small. Here are Verrecchia’s top five tips for team building in the workplace and which cultivates leadership: Give Your Employees a Voice: Empower your employees and give them a voice in the workplace. Get everyone into a casual setting every couple of months or so and invite senior managers and even the big boss. This is a great way to allow everyone to suggest new ideas that will help their organization grow. Make it a fun event that might include snacks or a lunch. “Get dialogue going and make it an open forum where employees can speak honestly on their ideas and how they will help the overall mission of the organization they represent. Some of the most innovative suggestions come from employees,” says Verrecchia. She indicates that openness in the workplace breeds leadership. Giving employees a voice means they can share ideas more strategically and collectively. As well, giving employees a voice makes them open to new ideas and directions a company wants to move in. Most of all, senior managers and even the CEO will get to know employees and better understand their points of view in organizational development and change management. Keep it Casual and Cool: These days with all the change that’s going on with organizational development, it’s important for companies to move away from the formal way of employee-boss interaction. The meeting in the office where the boss sits behind a desk and an employee on the other side is over, according to Verrecchia. “Employees want casual interaction with the higher-ups,” she says. “This gives employees the reassurance they need that the big bosses – executives and CEOs – are just like them: human and key team players.” Informal interactions removes unnecessary pressure and builds confidence while maintaining healthy work relations. One cannot keep an open mind while listening or speaking when under pressure. An informal session can thereby ease the pressure and provide a sense of belonging for everyone. Take it on the Road: Verrecchia indicates that getting employees and managers out of the office for the day – say once every six months or so – is a great way to mix thing up. “A day trip somewhere, whether it be the local zoo, museum tours, theme park, or an off-site meeting – breaks the monotony of the regular workplace routine. It’s important to take a day trip where there is lots of interaction among employees and upper management. It’s another informal process that promotes a more humanistic side of the workplace – it has a deeper meaning. During a day trip, make some time to talk about the workplace and generate new ideas for business growth. “This is another step in giving employees a voice but in a new environment,” says Verrecchia. “This approach can, in many ways, translate into better returns at the workplace.” Let’s Celebrate!: Recognizing others for their achievements in the workplace is a great step in team building and promoting leadership, says Verrecchia. “Team spirit is great for growth and gets everyone active and allows leaders to be involved,” she says. “Even well before a deadline, celebrate the process and goals delivered to date – this keeps momentum alive and well and makes employees feel they are valued and have a sense of meaning/belonging in the workplace. After a deadline or when a new project is executed, celebrate and give employees the chance to acknowledge each other’s efforts and successes,” suggests Verrecchia. Host Group Discussions & Leadership Training Sessions: Having group discussions where decisions need to be made is another excellent avenue where employees can seek advice from one another on the subject on hand. “Group discussions are yet another tool in empowering employees and making them feel valued and wanted,” says Verrecchia. “This also boosts confidence and brings out more employee productivity on a positive level. Group discussions also make true leaders. It’s a forum where there is an exchange of ideas and allows employees to become bigger thinkers and has them more connected with their responsibilities in the workplace.” Also, leadership training sessions and coaching are important in the workplace. Sure, training sessions might involve guest speakers and presentations, but training sessions and coaching provides a venue where learning can be and interactive or as in the case of coaching, intimate and focused on individual growth. Both promote more team spirit and keeps momentum alive.” Verrecchia suggests that bringing a more humanistic side to the workplace promotes leadership and provides growth. She states, “Get people talking, get them interacting and get everyone on an equal level playing field brings positive results. My philosophy has always been that you get what you give. You want people engaged and empower them so that they become long-term employees. Team building only brings out the best in employees and leadership becomes clearly evident.” It’s a proven fact that companies who do not promote team building and leadership fail in the end, or if they survive they end up with high turn – over rates with employees which is very costly. “Employees who are valued and have a sense of meaning in the workplace means an organization grows effectively and efficiently in these changing economic times. Team building and touting leadership makes a more productive and happier workplace.” She adds, “Organizations from every industry and sector are looking at growth during this tough economic climate. The real key to ensure growth is to focus on team building and make leaders. The employees are the staple of an organization. The employees are the ones who will help any organization. With this, leadership is paramount for any organization to grow on every level.”

Workplace Bullying Is On The Rise

5 Tips For Organizations

Close your eyes and picture a situation that involves a bully. If you are like most, the typical scenario that you see is that of a large kid picking on a smaller kid in a schoolyard or that of Nelson Muntz, from the Simpsons, and his pack of goons, terrorizing the poor kids of Springfield Elementary. Schools have done a terrific job at providing education to help young people detect and deal with bullies, but what happens when the bully is not so easy to see? What happens when the bully is all grown up and is no longer loud and larger than life, but is quiet and a master manipulator? What happens when the bully is in your workplace? Workplace bullying happens within many organizations and appears to be on the rise as a result of organizations shifting toward more team based activities, projects and decision making. Working in a team environment can be more difficult than being an individual contributor as teams are often less about individual intelligence and hierarchy and more about cohesive decision making and delivery. This new environment is causing smart, self-confident people to feel threatened by their own insecurities. Workplace bullies typically target individuals who appear to have skills and abilities that the bully lacks or that the bully perceives as being a personal weakness. The insecurity of the bully sees these abilities and skills within the target as threatening to their power, and thus tend to pursue the target in an effort of make themselves appear superior and the targeted individual appear less valuable or weak. The political or chameleon like tendencies of a workplace bully often makes it very difficult for the targeted individual to raise issues with leaders. Few leaders have had the training and coaching required for spotting a workplace bully, let alone dealing with them. As a result, the subtleties of the bullies will fly under the radar and leaders will often mistake the target as the troublemaker, or simply characterize the target as not being a team player or just plain whiny. In addition, without internal structure and transparency, the rest of the team members are often afraid to come forward for fear of repercussion from the bully or for fear of the attitude of the organization. According to the Bully at Work 2nd Edition, by Gary Namie PHD and Ruth Namie PHD, 40% of targets quit their job and 24% get fired, whereas less than 24% of bullies are recognized let alone punished for their behaviour. The bully is often revered as being politically savvy which organizational leaders will frequently tout as being a positive leadership quality. This characterization along with the lack of workplace training will often create an opportunity for workplace bullies to leave many casualties in their wake before leaders within an organization see through their veil of manipulation. Much like schools, organizations need to develop a zero tolerance policy regarding work place bullying. The following 5 steps should act as guiding principles for organizations to follow to mitigate the prevalence of workplace bullying. Top 5 tips for Organizations: 1. Develop and articulate a zero tolerance policy 2. Provide a safe environment to foster open discussion about the issue of workplace bullying 3. Provide leaders and employees with training on how to spot a workplace bully 4. Provide leaders with training on conflict management and provide resources, such as outside facilitators and coaches, to aid in dealing with workplace bullies 5. Be transparent, listen to your employees and do the right thing, not the easy thing Work place bullying in action It one recent situation, a newly formed work team of bright and competent individuals were pulled together for a two year team project. During the early days, the team followed some best practices and tried to get to know one another, as well as they developed a charter to govern their team behaviour and communication. However, the work team was a team of equals and the equality and inability for anyone to assume a position of authority, appears to have been the catalyst that set the team bully into motion. In the early days of team dynamics and posturing, the bully seemed to choose two team members that she didn’t like or felt jealousy toward. She proceeded to fracture the team by undermining their contributions, and by forming strategic alliances to share her displeasure as to her perceived inadequacies of these team members. As time progressed the antics of the bully were elevated to the team sponsor and, to the credit of the team sponsor, he stepped in and confronted both the team bully and the team in an effort to talk through the issues and devise an action plan to put the team back on track. However, even with the efforts of the team sponsor there appeared to be an underlying fear of the bully within the team and as such the team continued to be fractured and limp along and the bully continued to work toward a divided team. The team sponsor brought the issues to his leadership team and kept them well-informed of team problems, naming the source of the problem as the team bully. The leadership team felt it was best to have the team confront the issues again and have the team confront the bully. When this took place the bully shifted her focus and set out to undermine and discredit the team sponsor. In this particular case, as with so many, the leadership team felt it was easier to remove the team sponsor than to deal with the team bully. The actions of the leadership team were very unfortunate as, not only did the bully feel vindicated, but the team eventually disbanded and never completed the project that they were tasked to complete. What the leadership team should have done was to remove the bully from the project and allow the project sponsor to work with and coach the remaining team members to build back trust – the backbone of any successful team. Conclusion The example above is not an exaggeration; it actually happened with a team of middle tier executives. Workplace bullying is not level specific or gender specific. It is simply related to peoples’ insecurities and their inability to cope with others around them that might threaten those insecurities. Organizations need to be vigilant to spot this sort of behavior as it is increasing stress levels and resulting in higher, potentially unnecessary, turnover rates. Organizations must address the issue head on and recognize workplace bullying as a form of harassment that will not be tolerated. Articulating a zero tolerance policy will open the door for staff to feel safe in raising the behavior to managers and leaders and providing coaching and training to managers and leaders will support proper resolution and increase employee engagement. About Satori Consulting Inc. Satori Consulting is dedicated to helping its clients improve business performance through leadership development, team building, coaching, analytics and sales and service delivery. With years of experience partnering with businesses for growth, the Satori team bring best practices and state of the art analytics to businesses across North America. We help remove the barriers that stand in the way of meeting business goals by providing the support and education required to reframe existing paradigms and push businesses and leaders to new heights. For more information, visit www.satoriconsultinginc.ca

Smith's Funeral Homes

Celebrating 75 Years of Burlington

What was your first memory of Burlington? What's your favourite view in the city? Where do you think Burlington is headed in the future? We want to know the answers to these questions as part of our Celebrating 75 Years of Burlington Community Contest – and we have great cash prizes for answers that inspire and represent the uniqueness of our city! It may be hard to imagine, but back in 1877 Burlington was made up of approximately 1,300 people. Fast forward to 2013 and this community is home to 175,000 residents and counting. Smith’s Funeral Home was established in 1938 in downtown Burlington, after Wilbert Smith and his sister Jeanette purchased the business from the Williamson family. Although the contest marks a significant milestone for Smith’s, rather than just celebrating our anniversary we wanted to focus on a celebration of Burlington. This contest is a thank you to our community for the many years of allowing us to support them in their time of need. We are hoping that everyone who is passionate about Burlington will participate – whether you’re eight or 88, each of us has a memory to share, a story to tell or a vision of the future. Not sure where to begin? Maybe you’ve taken a snapshot to capture a moment or a memory during your travels around town which represents our community in a unique or meaningful way. Perhaps your kids have a memorable experience to write about, or you took a picture through their innocent eyes. Or are you a teenager with a vision of the future of Burlington who could create a multimedia experience to reflect that image? And what could be your inspiration? Perhaps it’s a local attraction or setting, community event, person, group or organization. Or maybe it’s a family member, local humanitarian, volunteer, talent or ensemble. And when you gaze into the future, what does Burlington look like? Whatever, wherever or whoever your focus, if it celebrates and characterizes Burlington, then we want to see it! We will be awarding $3,000, $2,500 and $2,000 in each of the three categories, with full details listed on our website. Although many things have changed over the past 75 years, our commitment to the community of Burlington is still at the heart of everything we do. We look forward to seeing your nostalgic or visionary entry, and thank you for celebrating Burlington with us!

Marc Hamel, Hamel Wealth Management Group & Co-Chair, Halton Poverty Roundtable

Making the Business Case for Tackling Poverty in Halton

Three years ago I thought that poverty was not an issue in Halton. However, I spent a day with 15 members of our community as they shared their challenges of living with low income in Halton. I learned that poverty means more than being hungry or struggling to find a place to live; it means being unable to participate in our community – and that no one chooses to live in poverty. I understand the moral imperative to help those in poverty. But as a business man and taxpayer I am beginning to understand the economic argument for tackling poverty. In 1971 Senator David Croll said “We are pouring billions of dollars into a social welfare system that merely treats the symptoms of poverty, but leaves the disease untouched.” Current research shows us that an inadequate response to reducing poverty costs us in many areas. Healthcare A 2010 study by McMaster University found a 21-year difference in life expectancy between the poorest neighbourhood and the wealthiest neighbourhood in Hamilton. Living in the lowest quintile of income earners means using the healthcare system 50% more as a result of higher stress, poor nutrition, substandard housing, and an unstable social environment. This costs Ontario’s healthcare system an estimated $3 billion dollars per year. Child Poverty 20% of the children living in poverty will live in poverty as adults. With skill training and higher education, the income gain for Ontario is estimated at $3.2 billion per year. The total economic cost of child poverty in Ontario is $4.6 to $5.9 billion annually. Opportunity If we could increase the income and participation of the lowest quintile of income earners to the second quintile level, the benefit to the Ontario economy would be over $16 billion per year, with the government receiving an additional $4 billion in tax revenues. In total, poverty costs Ontario $32 billion to $38 billion a year – over 5% of the provincial GDP. Imagine for a minute that you have an infection and go to see the doctor. The doctor tells you that you need 10 ml of an antibiotic for 15 days to clear up the infection completely. He then prescribes you 5 ml for 10 days. Sure, you might feel a bit better, but there is no doubt that you will need to be back for ongoing refills of the antibiotic. Quite possibly for the rest of your life. We would never run our healthcare system this way and I struggle to understand why we are using this approach to tackle poverty. Recent polls show that Canadians agree that the government should reduce the gap between rich and poor, and that taxes are a good thing because they contribute to a positive quality of life. As Canadian bank leaders and U.S. President Barack Obama have been pointing out: “Income inequality is a defining issue of our time.” If our goal is to allow people living in poverty to survive, barely, then maybe we have reached that goal. If we want to end poverty and eliminate the costly repercussions, we need to try something else. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New name, owner for Burlington's IBL team

Bandits baseball team debuts in May

The Burlington Twins will continue to attempt to lure fans to Nelson Park with a new name and a new owner. The Intercounty Baseball League team, entering its third year as a Burlington entity, will be known as the Bandits when it takes the field in May. Burlington’s Scott Robinson is replacing Elliott Kerr as majority owner as Kerr is concentrating his efforts on the Mississauga Steelheads Ontario Hockey League team he bought last year. The Twins’ name came from Kerr, who has twins of his own, a son and daughter. The switch was endorsed by Kerr, according to Robinson, who held his thumb and finger about a millimetre apart while explaining. “I told him, ‘Elliott, if you have even this much feeling that we have to keep the name, I will not change (it),’” said Robinson. According to the new owner, the Bandits name, besides the alliteration, brings more commercial opportunities for the team, which will continue to attempt fan-friendly ideas to entice fans to Nelson Park. The IBL, which will celebrate a century of baseball in 2019, will field eight teams in 2013, down one from last year because the Ottawa Fat Cats suspended operations. It’s the highest brand of baseball available in Ontario next to the major league Blue Jays in Toronto. “The goal, really, is just to build a fan base,” said Hailey Rogers, the team’s communications manager. “Bring attention to the fact that it’s there and it’s real high quality ball.” Robinson and the rest of the ownership group of Doug Kelcher, Kerr, Don Moore and Robert Gos are eager to continue to improve the fan experience at Bandits home games. The new moniker gives the team a chance to create theme music, a mascot and a unique branding for Burlington. “If you take a look at the (minor league) baseball teams in the U.S. that are so successful, they have fun names and fun mascots. And it’s all about getting the community involved,” Robinson said. The team, coming off an eighth-place, 11-24 season in 2012, will don new major league style uniforms from Rawlings this season, with graphite grey coloured shirts and pants for home games and a red jersey and dark gray pants for road games. The team is in the process of seeking advertising support for an ambitious 84-page program that will be supplemented with up-to-date information for each of the 21 home games, including the opener on Saturday, May 11. There will also be an update of the team’s website. Robinson hopes fans will be able to enjoy an expanded beer gardens that will add coolers and wine, as well as free popcorn, and an expanded food menu (chicken-on-a-bun, for example) and $1 pop. A special alcohol-free section of the stands will also be available. Players will appreciate new dugout-like sun covers, especially in windy and rainy weather. And the gravel parking lot may be paved by 2014. Robinson expects each of the 21 home dates this season to have a theme, with various business invited to come out to the game and bring spouses and kids, too. Growing the fan base, which has been more difficult than team officials expected when the team arrived here from Mississauga in 2011, could improve for at least two more reasons in 2013. The increased involvement of the Burlington Organized Minor Baseball Association, which runs the junior team that helps supply the Bandits roster, will increase as Bandits players will be part of a series of clinics for BOMBA kids. “And the (expected) resurgence of the Toronto Blue Jays will help, too,” said Robinson, who remembers how the World Series wins by the Jays was a boon to the sport back in the early 1990s. Field manager Jeff Lounsbury will not be back with the team this year. He and his wife have job commitments near their Niagara-on-the-Lake home and the expanded schedule of the IBL have made the continued commitment to managing too difficult. Robinson expects a replacement to be named in the next week. Golf tournament The Burlington Bandits are holding a golf tournament in May. The first ever Bandits Golf Invitational is set for Tuesday, May 14, at the Crosswinds Golf & Country Club in Burlington. Golfers register at 10:30 a.m. with the tee off set for noon. The Burlington Intercounty Baseball League team is hosting the fundraiser in what organizers hope is an annual affair. The 18-hole shotgun scramble costs $200 and includes a power cart, multiple on-course contests, Hors d’oeuvres, lunch, dinner with wine, prizes and a chance to win a car with a hole-in-one. Registration for the tournament, individuals or in groups of four, can be made by e-mailing Hailey Rogers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or any other member of the Bandits sales staff. Individuals or companies interested in sponsorship or donations can use the same e-mail address.

How to choose a cord blood bank for umbilical cord preservation?

Umbilical cord preservation

With the increase in the popularity of stem cell banking, more and more couples are willing to opt for the Umbilical cord preservation (read more). This helps them in saving the cord blood of their child for the long term use. These cells are very powerful as they have the ability to regenerate themselves. They can be used for curing any type of life threatening diseases like leukemia, lymphomas, immune deficiency disorders, aplastic anemia, etc. No doubt that it is very expensive, the whole process of preserving the blood cells for years under medical supervisions, takes a lot of efforts and money. Only people having good bank balance can afford it, there are some public banks which offer facility for free but they do not assure the availability for long term use. They are free as they accept the cord blood donations, which can be used for doing the researches. It is best to take the advice of doctors so that cord blood can be saved at the right time. It is said that the whole process of collecting the blood takes place within ten minutes of delivering the baby. This is safe procedure without and pain, the professionals from the cord bank comes to collect the blood for further processing. It is very important to choose a right bank for doing the procedure. One can take the help of online sites to know more about these banks; even family doctor can suggest the best options located within the city. If you are choosing the private banks then make sure that it is a well-reputed bank; it should be certified and should comprise of all the technological facilities, expertise and experience. Look out for the banks which are maintained by the hospitals which offer therapies against the diseases by using them. Also, make sure that they are well equipped with storage facilities also. Other important thing is that the bank should have good network and accessibility; it must have good tie ups with the hospitals. This will ensure the collection of the blood cells of the new born on time and will help in the process of umbilical cord preservation (read more) in much better way. One can start looking out for them much before the due date; this will help in doing the research properly. All the information regarding the services, rates and other things can be gathered in advance. Even enrollment can help in getting the kit and knowing the bank representatives about the due date and other things. Overall, the cord blood cell banking system can help expectant parents in giving their child the best gift of healthy living.

Top ten market areas of Barcelona

Top ten market areas of Barcelona

Barcelona offers many market areas where you can shop for day to day necessary things. These markets are located at different areas so it is best to look out for Mietwagen Barcelona (click here) services. These services offer different types of cars on rent; you can make the selection as per the choice and can enjoy shopping from the popular market areas like: 1. Mercat de Sant Antoni: This market is popular for its old maps, stamps, books and cards. You can visit this market by renting a car and can shop of the best options at very reasonable rates. 2. Mercat de la Boqueria: This market is one of the world’s great produce markets; you can get all the things for the daily necessities from this place at very reasonable rates. 3. Fira Alimentació: This market is a must to visit by renting a car as it offers the best homemade sweets, honey, cheeses and other edible delights. The rates are reasonable and the quality of every item is very good. 4. Mercat de la Llibertat: This market of Barcelona offers so many different stalls; you can get confused by looking at the variety of things. You can shop well here if the bargain skills are good. 5. Els Encants Vells: This market is the city’s principal flea market; you can come here and hunt for the useful items from the wide range of junk items. 6. Art and Crafts Market: The name of this market says it all, if you are an art lover then this market is a must to visit. Come here and get the best of art and craft things here, the market is open on Saturday and Sunday only. 7. Mercat de L’abaceria Central: This market is open from Monday to Saturday; you can visit this place by renting a car and can shop for the best available variety of goods. 8. Coin and Stamp Collectors’ Market: This market offers wide range of coins and stamps collection, you can get to see and buy the amazing variety here. Make sure to do bargains as the rates are variable. 9. Fira de Santa Llúcia: This market is only held from 28 November to 23 December. This market offers Christmas collections; you can buy different things for the Christmas at very reasonable rates. 10. Mercat de Santa Caterina: This is a 19th-century market; you can get to see the colorful architecture and can shop for the local stuff. Even some stores offering local food and drinks can also be visited. Other than these markets, there are many other shopping streets and stores where you can enjoy shopping for accessories, clothes, books, shoes, etc. by taking the help of Mietwagen Barcelona (click here) services.

Florence Tours: best way to explore the city

Florence Tours: best way to explore the city

Italy, known for its authentic culture and heritage, it offers the best of food, wine, culture and history. People like to come here for enjoying their vacations in best way, there are different aspects which can be explored during the visit. Any vacation to Italy is incomplete without going to Florence. It is very small reign of Tuscany, also known as the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Florence offers the best of scenic beauty, architectural sites, fine art, latest fashion and amazing leather goods. For exploring all the different aspects of the city, Florence tours are the best way to enjoy the hidden aspects of the reign. There are many types of tours available with the travel agencies; you can make the selections accordingly. It is suggested to make the bookings in advance so that no problems are faced at the time of trip. Advance booking also help in avoiding the long lines which are formed outside the travel agencies for getting the booking, even money can be saved by making the bookings at older rates which are less than the peak time rates. In the tours, you get to enjoy all the aspects in best way as they are designed by keeping the needs and requirements of the tourists. During the tour, you are taken to Fiesole which is located on hills. The place is amazingly beautiful and offers the best views of the city from the top. Located just 5 miles from Florence, the place can be reached by bus or car within twenty to thirty minutes. Even many people walk, it takes almost two hours to reach the same place but people like to experience the amazing views on the way by opting for walking tours. After reaching to Fiesole, you get two or three hours for wandering around, clicking pictures and enjoying the scenic beauty. There are many travel agencies in the city which offers tours including the mode of transport like bus, car, walking, bike, etc. You can discover all the amazing delights of the city in the best possible way by booking these tours. These tours are guided, a professional guide is provided to you. These guides are certified, very experienced and ensure the best trip. They tell you all about the place, its importance and all the necessary aspects; this makes the visit to the particular place more interesting. Some of the tours also take you to the countryside locations where you can relax and spend some time in the lap of nature. Vineyards, small towns, local people, food and culture can be enjoyed with the loved one by booking the Florence tours. With so many options, sometimes it becomes difficult to select the best city tour. You can read the reviews and research about the locations and can then make the selection.

Mediterranean beach having everything that a vacationers need

Greece Yacht Charter

You should not wonder around if your holidays are just around the corner. It is one of the best ideas to go through yacht charting and exploring a unique place that you have gone through before. You would surely have great fun when you will go through a yacht charting experience to enjoy a holiday break. There are many cruise destinations that we often think are most expensive but in reality they are available at affordable price too. Vacations could be dull as well as foreseeable. Whether you go in an airplane to go to a few exotic nations or even taking a family road trip at a good enjoyment recreation area, there's generally hard to look forward the time off. You can change that feeling this season through reserving the Yacht Charter Greece amenities. There's nothing that can compare with cruising with the Mediterranean Sea as well as going to stunning ports of call associated with get in touch with the numerous spread isle stores through the area. You may make the next holiday someone to keep in mind if you take the luxury boat rental. Many people acknowledge that it's excellent to visit through airplane to some international location. Since, it is better to avoid hassles while rushing towards saving money. Certainly, each year seems to bring a few new legislations which help in preventing through getting a simple as well as comfy airline travel experience. And in any case, the instead routine process associated with soaring is by no means similar to flying about the sea-taking your time and effort to take in the sun's rays and also the beach locations from the stunning, iridescent Mediterranean sea. It is better to travel with enjoyment when you have time rather than rushing hasting and hurrying. Reserving the luxury boat rental enables you to obtain the most out of your vacations. In the event that you are searching for a little bit of sunlight, skies, as well as isolation, after that going for a yachting vacation might be the one thing for you. You are able to guide a visit which includes the sojourn for a unique as well as personal seaside. Or even you are able to guide the luxury boat rental along with many other types of itineraries within the Aegean Ocean, Ionian Ocean, Dodecanese or even Cyclades. Move away from the noise as well as obstructing warmth. Prevent packed international airports, packed holiday destinations, as well as congested, contaminated metropolitan areas. You can recreate yourself in remote seashores as well as remote bays; and you will see the finest the Mediterranean has to offer days or even weeks at your choice of time. You have worked hard all year. Right now it's time for you to treat yourself as well as re-charge your powers along with your spirit. You will find couple of much more peaceful methods for doing this after that going for a Mediterranean Sea luxury cruise. Myself Peter and Freelance Content Writer. I have Written many Article for various topics. Some of my favorite topics Like:- car hire gold coast airport , gold coast airport rental car, QLD hire car, rent a vehicle, queensland car hire For More info please visit: http://www.pinkuin.com/yacht.htm