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Environment & Business

The impact of environmental issues like global warming are now visible to almost everyone, and the consequences around the world are more and more dire. What is more difficult to see is how each of us can contribute towards a solution when the problems seem so big and global. But we are convinced that the combined efforts of individuals and individual businesses can make a difference and give a significant example to the world. Many small steps can become one big step. To evaluate possibilities and guide our members towards a better environmental stewardship is the mission of the Environmental Committee.

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Smart Commute Halton

Burlington Chamber of Commerce launches Smart Commute program for members.   Find Your Perfect Match – Carpool and Save with Smart Commute Halton!  Carpool Zone is built for today's commuter. Are you someone one who stares desperately at those HOV lanes from gridlock, but thinks it's impossible to find someone with the same schedule, route, and radio preferences? Carpool Zone is a great online tool that lets you browse to see if carpooling is the right choice for you in a couple of steps.  Find your perfect ride match.

How does the Chamber's Smart Commute program work?  Click here.

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Chamber Environment Committee

The role of the Environment Committee is to educate Chamber members and develop policy positions on environmental issues affecting Burlington businesses.  Issues such as waste reduction and transportation have impacts on the business community and customers as a whole. The Environment Committee strives to provide Burlington Chamber of Commerce members with information and ideas on how  they  can help to create sustainable community.  If you have any suggestions for items to include on this page or are interested in joining the Chamber's Environment Committee, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..