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Advertising is a crucial tool in building brand awareness and increasing sales.  The Chamber truly views low cost advertising opportunities as a service we provide to our members.  There are a variety of ways to grow your business through advertising with the Chamber of Commerce.  Our advertising options are designed to be targeted at Chamber members or aimed at the business and residential community at large.  And, as a special service to help our members grow their business, our rates are designed to be very affordable.


The option for online advertising is new for the Chamber of Commerce members.  There are several options available.  Contact Kathryn at the Chamber office (905-639-0174 ex 7211) for all the details.

1.  Chamber eNews Ads
A single, focused ad at the top or side of the Chamber's very popular weekly eNews announcement (banner ads are in the top-middle, side card ads are in the top-right section).  Your ad will be seen by 2,000 Chamber members and can provide a hot link to your company's website  --  at no extra charge.  Chamber eNews announcements are sent every Friday.  You supply the ad in gif format.  A four-ad package does not need to be taken during four consecutive weeks.




300(w) x 120(h) pixels

Single Ad:   



Four Ads:


Side Card 

120(w) x 180(h) pixels

Single Ad:   



Four Ads: $219

All prices are per ad and do not include HST. Non-members add 75% to all prices.

2.  Chamber Web Page Ad

A vertical business card style ad (like the sidecard to the right of this page) with your corporate logo and/or text.  We can provide a hot link to your company's website  --  at no extra charge.  Ads will appear in the bottom right corner of the Chamber's six most visited web pages for one month.  That's right, your ad will appear on SIX web pages.  This is a very low cost and highly effective way to get your message to a wide audience.

You supply the ad in gif format.




195(w) x 200(h) pixels $159 $269

All prices are per ad per month and do not include HST. Non-members add 75% to all prices.

3.  Bundled eNews and Web Page Advertising 
Get the best value for your advertising dollar by purchasing an eNews and Web Page bundled package.  You can save up to 33% by buying online advertising in bundles. 


  Static     Animated  

Bundle One includes

Web Page: one month

eNews: 2 banners + 2 side cards

$396 $676

Bundle Two includes

Web Page: one month

eNews: 4 banners + 4 side cards

$557 $941

All prices do not include HST. Non-members add 75% to all prices.

Sidecard Ads:  120(w) x 180 (h) pixels.  gif format

Banner Ads:  300(w) x 120(h) pixels.  gif format


1.  a) REVIEW Magazine Flyers and Ads
The Chamber quarterly publishes the Chamber REVIEW magazine in January, April, July, and October.  When the magazine is delivered, your ads and flyers will be seen by over 1,400 readers.  Members tell us this is an extremely effective way to get their message across.  REVIEW ads should be in 300dpi at 100% size in PDF format.
(HST not included)
Deadline for submission: last Friday of month prior to publication.
PRICE   Non-Member Price
1/8 PAGE $195 $325 
1/4 PAGE $325 $485
1/2 PAGE $575 $725
FULL PAGE $750 $1050
PREMIUM (front, middle, back) $950 N/A
Reserve four ads up front Deduct 10% per issue **  


(HST not included)
Deadline: deliver to Chamber office 3 weeks prior to publication.
PRICE Non-Member Price 
INSERT $500 $625

All prices are per flyer per issue and do not include HST. Prices are based on weight of one sheet of standard office paper.  Click here for the flyer specs and publication details.

** To book REVIEW ads or flyers, contact Daryl MacDonald at 519-362-2644.


1. b) REVIEW Member Profile

Long-Standing Members of the Chamber are highlighted in each issue of the REVIEW.  If you are a 'newer' member and wish to have your business highlighted, you can be interviewed by one of our skilled interviewers.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in having your business profiled.




2.  Chamber Directory
Each year the Chamber publishes a business directory of all Chamber members.  This directory gets great readership on  an ongoing basis as readers use it throughout the year to get information for contacts, suppliers and customers.  Your ad in the directory has a long shelf life and high visibility.  Click here for directory advertising rates and specs.

For details contact:

Daryl MacDonald at 519-362-2644

3.  Burlington POST Centrespread -- SPECIAL MEMBER RATES!

Each month, the Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Burlington POST,  publishes the Impact on Business, featuring new members, member profiles and Chamber events.  Chamber members get a special members-only advertising rate for Centrespread ads.  Contact Allison Kerr at the Burlington Post for details (905-632-4444 ext 289).

To get more details on all our advertising opportunities,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at 905-639-0174 ex 7211.