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Many of us are familiar with the term “Leaders are Readers”. It simply means that to be effective in leading yourself and others you must always be looking to improve your thinking and your perspective. A great way to do this is through reading. Using the written word to organize and share one’s thoughts and experiences or to teach and train others is a method that has been effective for hundreds of years.

The Burlington Chamber of Commerce exists to support the needs of local business. Since one of our mandates is “Education” we decided to provide a place on our website for members to see what other members and business leaders are reading. There will be entries first by many of the Directors of the Chamber Board, then we will open it up to all members to make recommendations, provide a short summary of what they learned and help other Chamber members become better leaders through reading good and helpful books.

So watch this space for more from the Burlington Chamber Leadership Library



7 Habits of Highly Effective People

by Steven Covey

Philip Evenden

My American Story
by Colin Powell
Colin Powell’s autobiography is a riveting story of his rise through the ranks of the armed forces to hold the senior military position in the United States, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  But through all the anecdotes are leadership lessons that can apply to every business leader.  As a matter of fact, at the back of the book are “Powell’s Leadership Secrets.”

Keith Hoey

The One Minute Manager
by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson
It's been a long time (about 20 years) since I read this short book but some of the messages have stuck with me all this time. Primarily, the importance of giving feedback often and in small doses (one minute). Several feedback sessions through the year are far more powerful than one formal performance review at year end.

Keith Hoey

What Matter's Now
by Gary Hamel
A leading edge business thinker, Gary Hamel questions the effectiveness of the current traditional business structure and encourages leaders to consider five paramount issues including:

  • Values – with trust at an all time low organizations need to rebuild their ethical foundation.
  • Innovation – the only defence against margin-crushing global competition
  • Adaptability – with accelerated change being able to adapt is mission critical
  • Passion – engaging the human spirit at work leads to organizational greatness
  • Ideology – freedom and accountability to replace bureaucracy and control

This book includes interesting case studies and example of organizations that are winning at all levels – with shareholders, their team and customers.

Shelley McQuade


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